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The Investor Assistance Centre (COI) is a joint initiative between the Association of Wielkopolska Municipalities and Counties and the Polish Agency for Information and Foreign Investment, whose chief aim is to undertake joint action to support the promotion of investment in the region and to provide professional services to foreign investors.

The Wielkopolska Investor Assistance Centre aims to support the Association’s municipalities and counties by making them more attractive to investors. Cooperation with the Polish Agency for Information and Foreign Investment enables us to provide training and consulting services. We are also involved in the maintenance of a database of investment sites being offered by interested local authorities in Wielkopolska (infobase.paiz.gov.pl). Infobase is a nationwide database containing offers of land designated for industrial and business purposes. Information is supplied to the database by regional investor service centres based on data received from local authorities. The forms on which the descriptions of offers are based are available from the office of the Association of Wielkopolska Municipalities and Counties or can be downloaded from the website at www.sgipw.wlkp.pl. When full information about a piece of land is given, it will be placed in the Agency’s database and further promoted among potential investors.

We have had many opportunities to lend direct support to representatives of foreign concerns looking for locations. We have prepared presentations for them and our coordinator has accompanied them on visits to some of the sites on offer.

The Investor Assistance Centre cooperates directly with the local authorities which have sites available for investors. Every week the Centre’s coordinator visits municipalities and counties which are interested in improving and promoting their range of investment offers. Local government staff responsible for economic development exchange key information and experiences with employees of the Investor Service Centre with regard to preparing offers, defining economic and statistical data and exchanging information on local business.

To supplement our other activity we run training courses to spread knowledge about investment marketing and economic promotion of the region. Interested representatives of local authorities have so far had the opportunity to hear talks given by, for example, specialists from the National Foreign Investments Agency, employees of the city of Poznań’s Investment Promotion Office, representatives of business-related institutions and representatives of local authorities with wide experience in dealing with foreign investors.

The Association of Municipalities and Districts of Wielkopolska is one of the largest regional organization of local government units the Polish Republic. In operation since 1991 and now focuses 104 municipalities and 13 counties from Wielkopolska. Members of the Association are such urban centers as Poznań, Kalisz, Konin, Saw and Ostrow Wielkopolski, and dozens of rural communities.

The Association is working to integrate the various levels of local government. Provides a forum for exchange of experiences and initiatives for the development of Wielkopolska.



Office closed

We kindly inform you that on December 24 the Investor Assistance Center office will be closed.

Poland ranked 3rd in the latest FDI ranking

Poland is among those at the top of the list when it comes to foreign direct investments. 306 greenfield projects were announced in the country - and that’s just in the first three quarters of 2020.
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