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Firma i Interesy

Investor Assistance Centre

The Investor Assistance Center, as the only official, certified partner of the Polish Investment and Trade Agency in the region, is a direct partner for investors in the Wielkopolska Region.

IAC activities are aimed at increasing the level of foreign investments in the Wielkopolska Region through access to information on the conditions for starting a business in our region and investment offers.

IAC accompanies investors from the initial presentation of investment offers of individual communes and poviats to the launch of the investment project. IAC services include:

  • preparing responses to inquiries,

  • searching for offers that meet the investor's needs,

  • assistance in obtaining all information about the region, commune,

  • arranging meetings with local decision-makers,

  • consulting services regarding permits required in Poland,

  • mediation in talks with offices,

  • assistance in finding local partners in the field of construction, operation, services and sub-suppliers.


Special Economic Zones (SEZ) successfully combine the needs of investors with the needs of the individual regions in which they were created. Each zone is an administratively separated part of the territory of Poland, intended for conducting business activities on preferential terms. An entrepreneur in a SEZ is provided with tax breaks, and an additional benefit is the fact that he or she can start a business in a specially prepared, developed area.

Special Economic Zones were created for the purpose of:

  • accelerating the economic development of Polish regions,

  • development and use of new technical and technological solutions in the national economy,

  • increasing the competitiveness of products and services,

  • development of post-industrial assets and infrastructure,

  • creating new jobs.




There are subzones of five Special Economic Zones located in the Wielkopolska Region:




Industrial and technology parks are places where, thanks to the gathering of companies from one industry and the research and scientific institutions supporting them, their rapid development is possible. These are pro-development solutions that are becoming more and more common in our country. The facilities they offer are addressed to both Polish and foreign entrepreneurs.


Industrial and technology parks in Wielkopolska Region:

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